Animated Video A2Z Party by Mark Derho

Animated Video for Client: Introduction to A2Z Party (aka 212 Photo Booth) with animated main characters that resemble the team (including myself), by Mark Derho.

Original AI-Enhanced Videos by Mark Derho

Collection of AI-enhanced videos crafted by Mark Derho. This selection showcases the cutting-edge integration of artificial intelligence in video production, demonstrating Mark’s expertise in blending technology with creativity.

AI-Enhanced Video Creation and Editing

AI-enhanced videos are created faster and better. We pass that cost savings to you so we can share in the success. Mark Derho (I) makes all of the videos on this website and for clients from original concepts – and usually by designing and editing with

AI-Enhanced Customer Service Chatbots

AI-Enhanced Original Art by Mark Derho

Our GPT4-Powered AI chatbots are custom-developed to serve your specific business needs, trained to understand and respond to your client and prospects’ user queries in any language, and continually maintained and improved to ensure optimal performance.

Mark Derho Triumph in the Central Park Bike War

mark derho at central prk kiosk opening - bike rent nyc

Mark Derho: Triumph in the Central Park Bike War – A Pinnacle Client Success Story

This is a captivating account of my professional journey with Bike Rent NYC, from 2015 to 2018. During this period, I was at the forefront of monumental growth and change both within the company and the broader NYC bike rental sector.

The Flying Car is Here

flying cars are here

The Flying Car is Here in 2025! Alef Aeronautics, a trailblazing US-based automotive and aviation company, has officially obtained the coveted Special Airworthiness Certification

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Mark Derho on Resident Magazine

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