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Supporting Local Puerto Rico Start-ups, and recommending Pick-n-Drop PR to Parallel 18

The following is my Letter of Recommendation for Pick-n-Drop PR to technology incubator Parallel 18.

I’m Mark Derho representing my own tourism and technology businesses in Puerto Rico, and I am grateful to be here and excited to participate in the local community.  I’m happy to document my support for local entrepreneurs and specifically Pick-n-Drop PR. 

It’s an honor that my Condado location (18 Calle Marseilles) has be chosen to be the first Pick-n-Drop PR physical location to host customers seeking short-term luggage storage. Last day luggage is becoming a more established service for tourists and this exciting local Internet-based startup business has every opportunity to be successful.   

I believe the two men involved will greatly benefit from Parallel 18 and the variety of business and process training, access to proven mentorship, and unique access to grants and investors that will potentially help them scale nationally… and possibly even globally.

I also share the stated vision of Parallel 18 and Pick n Drop PR that Puerto Rico is the up-and-coming Caribbean hub for innovative businesses and technology to start and grow.

Also, as the men gain success and traction I do believe they will willingly engage and be proactive as student mentors.

Afa has proven to be motivated. He possesses an engineering, math and technical background that will serve him well in the competitive landscape in which he chooses to compete. I’ve also learned that he is not new to entrepreneurship and commitment and taking the ultimate chance on himself.

Giovanni Fuentes presents as an artist and creative person possessing a varied background that I believe forms a layered-vision for the business that also focuses on serving the public. Local training and life studies include anthropology and marketing with a successful background as a freelance photographer. Photography recognition in New York City by Humble Arts Foundation and features in multiple exhibitions via La Marqueza Retona.

I’ve enjoyed Afa’s enthusiasm and conversations so I have agreed to participate. It’s also worth note that he’s an athlete and a winner, having successfully represented the Puerto Rico National Rowing team for 4 years. Rowing requires focus of mind and hard-working muscle, great training for the competitive world. Additionally he is currently gaining financial industry experience as a data analyst with a Puerto Rico-based hedge fund.

I am already working well with a similar model and a business that is based in Canada. I absolutely see the value to tourists and I am happy to receive easily-acquired revenue every week.

Please call me with any questions or thoughts.

I believe your help will be greatly valued and appreciated.

Mark Derho

JESSA LLC / Business Owner, Web-Tech-Business Polymath & Google Partner

+ many more.

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Parrallel 18 Offers equity free funding and investment opportunities.

Our equity free USD40K funding helps your company grow and get to the next level. Alumni may also qualify for a Follow-on fund from the Puerto Rico Science, Technology, and Research Trust that matches capital raised (up to USD75K). Three companies from Gen1 have already received the follow-on fund