STRAIGHT ARROW with Mark Derho

Mark Derho
San Juan, PR Edition

Welcome to STRAIGHT ARROW with Mark Derho,  a curated informational series of videos and commentary documenting my own real-life honest experiences and feelings of living San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Primary topics will include:

  • local small business information
  • local community & social advocacy
  • local tourism industry in San Juan

Mark.... "Why did you move to San Juan, Puerto Rico"?

We (Karina and I) came to San Juan for the first time in 2016, and really felt a connection to the island. Our initial plan was possibly buy a  retirement home here, and then because of tragedy… plans changed.

Primary topics to be discussed in this video:

  • cost of living
  • weather
  • tax advantages 
  • beaches 
  • natural beauty of the island
  • small business opportunities
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