Mark Derho

Santa Claus Needs AI to Keep Up With Demand

Snowman as a robot by Mark Derho - AI-enhanced Art

Santa Clause Needs AI to Keep Up With Demand – Santa’s AI Holiday Challenge

In the North Pole, where the snowflakes whirl,
Santa faced a challenge in the modern world.
With kids aplenty, far and near,
The list of wishes grew each year.

AI, oh AI, help Santa’s sleigh fly,
Giving gifts for the good, coal when they cry.
So in this digital age, let’s bring holiday cheer,
With a bit of tech, spreading joy far and near.

Elves in the workshop, scratching their heads,
With so many toys, they needed new threads.
Robotic arms and digital lists,
Ensuring no child is ever missed.

AI, oh AI, in the frosty sky, Guide the reindeer,
let the sleigh fly high.
From dolls to drones, all sorted with care,
Delivering joy, everywhere.

Santa smiled at his clever plan,
Using AI, like only he can.
A modern twist to a timeless tale,
Ensuring his mission would never fail.

AI, oh AI, under the starry night sky,
Help Santa and his elves, let their spirits fly.
For every good child, a gift of love,
And coal for the naughty, from the North Pole above.

Mrs Santa Claus as a robot by Mark Derho - AI-enhanced Art
Rudolph Reinder as a robot by Mark Derho - AI-enhanced Art

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