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Resident Magazine Article No. 11 – 103-Year-Old Vet Discusses Impact of OpenAI Sora

In my recent article, “103-Year-Old Vet Discusses Impact of OpenAI Sora,” published on, I explore the profound effects of OpenAI’s Sora through the eyes of a 103-year-old veteran.

This interview highlights how cutting-edge AI technology has transformed his life and offers a unique perspective on the intersection of past and present technological advancements.

Irving, a WW2 VFW Veteran shares his experiences with Sora, emphasizing its role in improving communication, healthcare, and daily activities. His insights provide a compelling look at how AI can enhance quality of life, even for those who have witnessed a century of technological change.

As an AI and tech professional with over 25 years of experience, I bring a practical understanding of these advancements. My goal is to bridge the gap between complex technology and its real-world applications, making it accessible and relevant.

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Mark Derho

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Mark Derho is a seasoned expert in the Internet industry with over 25 years of experience in NYC’s software development, digital marketing, and advertising sectors. A certified Google Partner, Mark specializes in content creation, AI chatbot development, open-source software, modern website design, and SEO/SEM marketing. He leads PR Website Agency and lives in Puerto Rico with his dog, Luno.

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