Real Life Videos by Mark Derho – Activism for Bike Rent NYC

bike-rent-nyc-safety-for-girls-videos intiative
Real Life Safety Videos by Mark Derho: Activism for Bike Rent NYC as Executive Consultant

Safety Videos: Press Initative with Employees


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I took on a vital initiative 🛠️ to bring to light the harassment experienced by female employees of Bike Rent NYC, targeted by Central Park Bike Hustlers. Through the creation of live interview videos 🎥👩‍💼, my goal was to expose this pressing issue and protect my team 🛡️. 

The situation in Central Park is fraught with danger, especially with large sums of money changing hands and unauthorized vendors trying to snatch our customers 🚴‍♀️💰. 

The bike rental business in Central Park and Manhattan parks is no small affair, generating about $6 million annually. My leadership was key 🔑 in ensuring Bike Rent NYC emerged as the legitimate operator 🚲, winning a substantial six-year, $60 million RFP contract 📜💸 for exclusive bike rental rights inside these parks. 

This inititive was part or a larger strategy and was a significant step in maintaining a safe and fair business environment amidst intense competition. 🌳🏙️

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