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Mark’s AI Art Gallery

Discoving amazing artificial intelligence tools like Dall-E, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion remind me of when I first discovered Adobe PhotoShop in 1993! 

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We Rescued Luno Puerto Rico in October 2022.

We had to remove a cancerous tumor in his intestines.

Despite all odds, he’s living, loved and happy.

Luno Moondog


We Rescued baby Charlie in Brooklyn, NY in 2015.

He’s named for Charlie Garcia (Argentinian Music Legend) and
Charles Woodsen (NFL HOF and Oakland Raiders Legend). 

He resembles Garfield a bit. 

We Rescued Amy in Puerto Rico in 2019.

She’s named for Amy Wimehouse (Music Legend) and
Amy Trask (1st Female Chief Executive in NFL, Oakland Raiders). 

She is a loving little moster. 


Humanoid Robots
on a Yacht