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My career encompasses technology, creative content, digital marketing, and most recently utilizing artificial intelligence tools to drive business growth and efficiency. In 2023, I focused on building websites, offering digital marketing retainer services to local small businesses, and mastering AI tools for content and business automation.

With extensive original content on websites, YouTube, and LinkedIn, my portfolio of client examples, copywriting, media creation, and references showcases my expertise. 

Mark Derho Cover Letter

Mark Derho Resume

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Seeking full-time employment or consulting opportunities, either onsite or remotely in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Self-taught Internet professional with +25 years of web technology and management experience in NYC, employed by Fortune 100’s, agencies, and start-ups in escalating roles: web designer-developer, marketing manager, and software product manager.

Currently, I provide freelance SMB website design and online marketing services, train customer service chatbots and GPTs, craft engaging media content as a contributing author for Resident Magazine.

Mark Derho Resume

PR Website Agency in Puerto Rico

Evaluate a cost-effective AI-Enhanced Digital Marketing Agency

Introducing a versatile AI-enhanced team that merges experienced expert website design, Google-certified digital marketing angency and SEM, full-scope content creation, and custom software development with custom AI, Python, Rust, PHP, Zapier, and Odoo.

PR Website Agency
These are my original articles in a category of posts.
Projects include: Chatbots, Videos, and AI Art.

Original videos that I have made, featuring AI-enhanced videos for clients and videos that I have made for my own business promotion, or just for fun

Original  AI-Enhanced Art 

Original  AI Art  that I have made for cliets, my own business promotion, or just for fun.

Thank you for considering my background and experience. I look forward to collaborating and contributing to your organization.

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