Mark Derho

Mark Derho
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Mark Derho is a 1-Man Marketing Agency

Gestalt Digital Virtuoso and AI Specialist

Navigating the Merging Crossroads of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Innovations, Web Evolution, and Digital Marketing Frontiers for +25-Years!

Extensive Success in New York City: Portfolio + References.

Commited to continued learning of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to: Build and Custom-Train AI Chatbots Powered by ChatGPT, Automate Business Communications and B2B Processes, and crafting and Curating More Meaningful and Impactful Content and Digital Experiences.

$6 Million, 6 Year RFP Contract Winner

As a Executive Consultant: Mark Derho led all efforts and WON a $60 Million, 6-Year RFP Contract for Client: BIKE RENT NYC, with and NYC Parks Department for exclusive rights to Bike Rental inside Central Park and Manhattan Parks!

EXPERT: +25-Years Building Websites
CERTIFIED: Google Partner
 My Websites and Client Sites.
SEO/SEM: Expert Organic SEO, PPC / Google AdWords

Blog Posts galore!

Animal rescue embodies Mark’s compassion and dedication. A lost or badly treated dog or cat is given a second chance, ensuring their protection and rehabilitation, ultimately leading them to the loving embrace of adoption to a forever home. 

Mark Derho has been a local force for good in the local San Juan/Condado, Puerto Rico community; notably for his commitment to local safety, removing grafitti, and cleaning the Laguna del Condado area at Calle Marseilles. 

As a member of Green City Challenge his passion for earth conservation was evident at the Climate March. 

On Thanksgiving in 2022 in Condado, Mark purchased, cooked and served meals to homeless people with the help of neighbors for food donations.

 His most iconic contributions to the community is the hand-made iconic Puerto Rico Flag at Laguna del Condado made of wood. This work showcases his artistic flair and deep-rooted love and pride for Puerto Rico.

Resident of New York City from 1993 to 2019.

Resident of Puerto Rico from 2019 to Present.


My Daughter JESSA ANN

08-11-1988 to Forever in My Heart