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I have worked with Mark for nealy 10 years, I wouldn't go to anyone else. He does a great job with websites and SEO, Email Marketing and Event Marketing for 212 Photo Booth and A2Z PARTY.
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Mark Derho Client 212 Photo Booth and A2Z PARTY.
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Seeking full-time employment or consulting opportunities, either onsite or remotely in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Self-taught Internet professional with +25 years of web technology and management experience in NYC, employed by Fortune 100’s, agencies, and start-ups in escalating roles: web designer-developer, marketing manager, and software product manager.

Currently, I provide freelance SMB website design and online marketing services, train customer service chatbots and GPTs, craft engaging media content as a contributing author for Resident Magazine.

Mark Derho Resume

PR Website Agency in Puerto Rico

Evaluate a cost-effective AI-Enhanced Digital Marketing Agency

Introducing a versatile AI-enhanced team that merges experienced expert website design, Google-certified digital marketing angency and SEM, full-scope content creation, and custom software development with custom AI, Python, Rust, PHP, Zapier, and Odoo.

PR Website Agency
These are my original articles in a category of posts.
Projects include: Chatbots, Videos, and AI Art.

Original videos that I have made, featuring AI-enhanced videos for clients and videos that I have made for my own business promotion, or just for fun

Original  AI-Enhanced Art 

Original  AI Art  that I have made for cliets, my own business promotion, or just for fun.

Thank you for considering my background and experience. I look forward to collaborating and contributing to your organization.

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