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Hi. I'm Mark Derho: The AI Guy!

Welcome, here I’ll combine my career history and highlights with a glimpse into my life outside of work! 

Dive into my world, blending career insights with personal acheivements, hobbies, interests, and more.

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Mark Derho: The AI Guy

I leverage +25 years of professional experience and state-of-the-art AI tools to revolutionize marketing and media creation, copywriting, and the automation and integration of business processes and platforms. I also build custom-trained AI Chatbots for Customer Service (ChatGPT). 

Websites, Content, and AI Specialist

I’m a self-taught digital pioneer and creative with diverse skills and extensive experience in NYC’s Internet and digital marketing sectors. My professional ‘SuperPower’ lies in my lifelong dedication to learning and mastering new and emerging technologies. 

As a Certified Google Partner and Webmaster (since 2010), I offer deep expertise in responsive website design, UI/UX, SEO/SEM, copywriting, and video creation.

Management: Business, Operations and Marketing

My career, defined by strategic business management, and innovative digital marketing leadership showcases my ability to navigate complex business challenges.

This entrepreneurial experience and enthusiasm, and a demonstrated dedication to mastering AI tools represents an exceptional combination of qualities that ensures I can deliver in traditional roles and also help shape future-focused initiatives.

Mark Derho Press

As Executive Manager of Bike Rent NYC, Mark Derho was featured on ABC Channel 7 News and Telemundo; as well as being featured in articles in the New York Post and local New York City newspapers.    

ABC Channel 7 News

Columbus Circle, Central Park NYC

Telemundo Nueva York

Central Park, 2018

Remodeling Central Park Kiosks

Columbus Circle, Central Park NYC 2018

Corporate Sponsor: PAL NYC 2017

Mark with Tony Danza at NYC Police Athletic League Event (2027)


Official Bike of MS Ride 2015 – 2018 Provider

Bike Rent Puerto Rico 

Owner: Bike Rent Puerto Rico (2020- 2023)

Recent Projects

Check out some of my recent projects. Investigate how AI can revolutionize small businesses through automation and enhancing efficiency.
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Mark's Websites and Social Media Channels

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PR Website Agency Website:
Mark’s Digital Marketing Agency

AI Talk Craft Website: Mark’s AI Customer Service Chatbots
AI Art with Digital Rights

We Create Content AI Website:
Mark’s AI Art for Sale + Digital Rights

Engage: Mark the AI Guy, with Luno!

 In the last year I have fully-embraced Artificial Intelligence tools and platforms that have emerged. 

With these powerful technologies I can help businesses not only create amazing media content and perform copywriting at another level, but also automate their processes, improve decision-making, and enhance customer experience by training and implementing AI-enhanced Customer Service Chatbots – with ChatGPT!

Mark's Life and Interests

I live in Puerto Rico. I have a Sato named Luno Moondog, and am seperated from my two cats Charlie and Amy! I am a lifelong NFL Raiders Fan #RNFL Favorite hobbies are flying #drones and #goingtothebeach and #snorkeling.  

mark derho's websites for advocacy
Luno at the beach.

Mark's Articles

Are you eager to stay ahead of the curve and be in the know about the most mind-boggling technology advancements of all time? Look no further! By following this blog, you will gain exclusive access to a professionally curated treasure trove of information on how AI can benefit everyone and help small businesses compete and beat the competition.

AI-Enhanced Art by Mark Derho

Tech Savvy NYC Archive: Mark's Past Projects

Explore Mark’s Archive from New York City, spanning 25 years! Dive into this nostalgic journey and discover favorite projects and animated videos created under the banner of Tech Savvy NYC.

mark derho animated video tech savvy consultant
Fun and Formidible Projects from the Past

Mark Derho
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