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Copywriting for Marketing by Mark Derho
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Introduction to Copywriting for Marketing with Mark Derho

I’ve demonstrated extensive copywriting expertise throughout my career, from drafting detailed contracts and winning RFPs to producing engaging content for hundreds of websites. My copywriting for marketing work spans crafting customized advertising copy for agencies, creating effective marketing plans, writing effective press releases, and creating technically precise Google Ads campaigns.

Incorporating AI Assistants has revolutionized how I curate, ideate, and execute projects, enhancing my productivity and creativity without losing the human touch. AI tools help me sift through data to spot trends and insights, laying the groundwork for stories that perform well analytically and genuinely connect with audiences. I use AI as a tool, not a replacement, ensuring the content I produce is cost-efficient and original.

Copywriting for Marketing

I also regularly create insightful blog posts, vibrant social media content, video scripts for YouTube, and clear technical documentation. My strategic digital marketing plans ensure compliance and integrate legal and privacy policies. Moreover, I create compelling video scripts and enhance online content with SEO keywords to boost visibility and engagement. Each project is managed with a strategic and creative approach, tailored to meet the needs of each client and deliver measurable results.

Q? Could you share more about any specific industries or types of projects you find most rewarding or challenging in your copywriting and content marketing work? This will help me tailor future advice and insights.

Content Marketing: Professional and Inspired

Content marketing is storytelling and requires creating a compelling narrative that draws in your audience, educates them, and builds connections. Through various mediums – whether it be keyword-optimized Google Ads, comprehensive digital marketing plans, or engaging multimedia content – I specialize in narratives that align seamlessly with your brand’s goals.

Success Stories: Transformative Projects I’ve Led

$60M / 6Y RFP Bike Reny NYC and City of New York / Central Park

Leading the project, the team overcame the challenge of convincing NYC officials to grant the iconic Central Park concessions to my client, Bike Rent NYC. Through a blend of sharp strategy and clear vision, we crafted a proposal that clinched a $60 million, six-year contract, showcasing the sheer power of persuasive writing and teamwork.

Website Copywriting and Creation

Copywriting SEO-optimized website content involves a strategic blend of creativity and technical savvy. The goal is to craft compelling text that appeals to readers and ranks for SERP on Google. This means integrating targeted keywords naturally, ensuring content is informative engaging, and aligned with user intent.

It’s about speaking the language of the audience and the algorithm – creating clear, valuable content that drives traffic and converts visitors into customers. Through diligent research and thoughtful writing, effective SEO copywriting enhances a website’s visibility and builds a strong online presence.

Additionally, first impressions are crucial. I create and rebuild websites (+20 years), transforming them into visually appealing, SEO-optimized CMS platforms that perform well on Google. As a WebMaster and expert designer, I ensure your site’s content is optimized to invite interaction and drive your business objectives.

Relevant Researched Social Media Content

Effective social media content is key to keeping many audiences engaged. I help brands connect on crowded platforms by blending humor, graphic design and video, insightful information, and timely posts. My approach is more than routine updates; it’s about creating a narrative voice that resonates directly with your audience.

Pro Tips: Crafting Content That Connects

Know Your Audience: Understanding your audience’s preferences, needs, and lifestyles is crucial. I use professional tools to delve deep into their world and speak their language.

Clarity is Key: Your calls to action and content must be clear and concise. Focus on what’s essential, cutting through the noise.

Sell the Solution, Not the Price and Specs: Emphasize how your offerings improve lives, focusing on benefits rather than just features or price.

Google-Certified SEO Specialist: Thoughtfully integrates keywords, adhering to Google’s best practices to avoid repelling readers and search algorithms. Strive for an authentic flow that meets technical SEO standards.

Always Be Testing: Continuously track your content’s performance. Use analytics to discern what resonates and refine your tactics, ensuring your strategies are effective and audience-focused.

Leveraging AI in Content Creation

Integrating AI assistants into my workflow has transformed how I curate content, develop ideas, and execute projects. By leveraging these advanced tools, I’ve seen significant enhancements in my productivity and creativity. This technology allows me to streamline processes and fine-tune the details of each project, ensuring efficiency and precision. Despite the heavy reliance on technology, I remain committed to preserving the personal, human touch is crucial to creating resonant and engaging content. This balanced approach ensures that each piece of work exceeds expectations while maintaining a genuine connection with the audience.

Examples of Copywriting Subjects

Contracts / RFP*
100’s of Websites
Advertising Copy for Agencies
Press Releases
Google Ads Campaigns Content
Blog Posts
Social Media Posts
Technical Documentation
Digital Marketing Plans
Legal and Privacy Policies
Video Scripts
SEO Keyword Content Marketing

*Winning RFP Proposal – $60M 6y City of New York and Central Park/NYC Parks

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