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Robots Are Already Replacing Us: ‘Blarvex 840’ aka Jimmy Fallon

“I bought the first issue of Wired Magazine and every subsequent issue for at least three years. I read the inaugural article in March 1993 while riding the L-Train from home to work and back. A piece I had barely remembered was penned by comedian and late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon, who wrote “Robots Are Already Replacing Us”, he painted a whimsical picture of a future where robots replace jobs, leaving us with ample leisure time. I have a nearly life-long interest in robots, so since I write articles articles about AI, it was interesting and amusing to me. Fast-forward to today, and it’s fascinating to see that some of Jimmy Fallon’s comedic prognostications have been realized or may become reality sooner rather than later.

The Rise of Humanoid AI Robot Security Guards

Unlike the intimidating enforcers from the “Robocop” movies, these friendly robots were said to be keeping the peace rather than striking fear into wrongdoers. 

By integrating cutting-edge technology, Shenzhen is definitely pioneering a new era of automated public security measures, aiming to safeguard passengers more efficiently during one of the busiest travel periods. Applications are clear and unbiquitious.

The world is becoming increasingly complex, particularly for high-net-worth individuals who rely on Resident for daily updates. 

As security needs evolve for high-profile individuals and luxury properties, traditional security measures, while still somewhat effective, are proving inadequate against sophisticated threats. Enter AI-enhanced robot security guards, a revolutionary solution that promises to redefine security standards.


How Much Does a Robot Cost?

How much does a robot cost? Artificial Intelligence and humanoid robots were once confined to sci-fi; now Tesla, Figure Robotics/OpenAI, Unitree, and many other companies are making AI humanoid robots a reality. Are you ready for a humanoid robot assistant? If so, let’s discuss how much these robots cost and when they’ll be available for personal use.

Apple Announces AI for iPhones and iOS: AAPL Stock Climbs

Apple’s announcement has the tech world talking and AAPL stock climbing. 

AI for iPhones and iOS was the hot topic at the 2024 Apple WWDC Keynote where the company unveiled its ambitious plans to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) deeply into its AI for iPhones and iOS ecosystem. 

This move was much anticipated as innovation is an Apple trademark. However, not everyone was as excited as Elon Musk threatened to ban iPhones.

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