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Animated Videos from 2011 by Mark Derho as TECH SAVVY NYC

LEGACY 🦾Animated VIDEO: Mark Derho as TECH SAVVY NYC, circa 2011

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Hello there, I’m Mark Derho, and today I’m taking a stroll down memory lane to share with you some of the entertaining animated marketing videos I crafted starting in 2011 using the innovative tool known as “GoAnimate.” These fun and creative videos hold a special place in my bod of work, and I’m excited to reminisce about my journey with you.

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Back in the day, I harnessed the emerging resources available to me to bring my animated alter ego to life. With creativity as my guide, I meticulously designed each video’s stage, enlisting the help of a delightful dancong robot as my tech-themed sidekick. After laying the groundwork, I set to work recording my script and providing voiceovers, infusing my unique personality into every frame.

But it didn’t stop there. To elevate the viewing experience, I selected beloved background music reminiscent of Styx’s iconic “Mr. Roboto” and added whimsical sound effects that brought my creations to life. These videos became an integral part of my marketing strategy, as I eagerly shared them with potential customers through email marketing campaigns, showcased them on my website, and leveraged their charm for social media marketing efforts.

Looking back, I can’t deny that crafting these videos was a labor of love, although they did demand a significant amount of time and effort. However, the landscape of digital marketing has evolved dramatically since then, and so have my capabilities. 

Thanks to powerful AI-enhanced copywriting and video editing tools and platforms, I now find myself ten times faster and infinitely more creative in delivering compelling content to engage and captivate my audience.

So, as we explore the past and embrace the present, I invite you to join me on this journey of growth and transformation, as we delve into the fascinating world of marketing through the lens of technology and innovation.

“GoFrog Florida” was my 1st Animated Video in 2011. 

I spent 1 year in Tampa Florida before returning to NYC.  

Mark Derho’s First Few Animated Videos (2010-2011)

GoAnimate V.1

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That pretty much tells the story of where I was with animated video in 2011.

Tech Savvy NYC Playlist

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