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AI Consultant Mark Derho: #TheAIGuy

Mark the AI Guy: Contact an innovative AI Consultant that has fully embraced the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence. Mark leverages state-of-the-art AI tools to revolutionize marketing and media creation, copywriting, and the automation and integration of business processes and platforms, and AI-enhanced reasearch and decision-making. 

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Google Certified Marketing SEO/SEM

As a Certified Google Partner and Webmaster (since 2010), I offer deep expertise in responsive website design, UI/UX, SEO/SEM, copywriting, and video creation.

Custom-Trained AI Chatbots with ChatGPT

Unique skills include upgrading customer communications with custom-trained AI-enhanced Customer Service Chatbots, powered by ChatGPT – implemented on websites, and Facebook and Instagram Messengers. 

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AI Consultant: Business Automation, Marketing and Content

Embracing the future of digital marketing, Mark Derho has undergone a remarkable transformation by training and specializing in AI tools. 

This strategic focus has resulted in a sea change in production capabilities and expertise. By diving deep into the world of AI, we’ve harnessed its immense power to deliver unparalleled efficiency, creativity, and precision to projects.

AI tools has not only refined skills but also placed these services at the forefront of the most innovative marketing solutions available anywhere. Clients benefit from cutting-edge techniques that include AI-driven analytics for targeted strategies, machine learning algorithms for dynamic content creation, and automated processes for faster turnaround times.

Marketing and Content Creation

My technical and creative expertise includes website design, software development, copywriting, visual design, UI/UX, video editing, and software development in leadership roles and startup environments. Google-certified Partner: Webmaster, SEM/PPC/Analytics, and skilled at PPC network online advertising.

Management Business and Operations

I have extensive experience in the digital marketing, software project management and QA, and creative sectors in NYC.

Featuring tremendous success in business management and executive consulting including leading all efforts to win a 6-year $60M RFP contract for Bike Rent NYC and Central Park. 


Recent AI Projects

Check out some of my recent projects. Investigate how AI can revolutionize small businesses through automation and enhancing efficiency.
YouTube Channel: Shorts and Reels Photo Booth: Events and Marketing Customer Service Chatbots (ChatGPT) AI-Enhanced Videos with Voiceover AI-Enhanced Images and Animations AI Copywriting and Research Drone Video and Editing
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