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Greetings new Friends & Potential Partners in Puerto Rico

Thank you for your interest and valuable time. 

My Story in Brief

I was born in California to very modest means. My mother moved me around very often as a child and I experienced living in many cities in Oregon and California. Significantly, from 11 to 13 years-of-age I lived in Hawaii

Mark moves to New York City and seeks employment…

In 1993 I moved to NYC and I taught myself HTML 1.0 and Adobe Photoshop. Relatively soon I became the 1st web designer hired for the 1st website builder (WYSIWYG) ever created: Internet Creator by Foreman Interactive. 

Mark becomes a gestalt Website, Marketing & Technology Professional through experience.

Website Design & Development 

While riding the “bubble” and chasing career enrichment an employee, I built and often managed massive websites and/or staff for major financial brands and premiere corporate entities including; Merrill-Lynch, Forbes, Standard and Poors, Information Builders, The Manhattan District Attorney,, and more. 

Digital & Creative Marketing

I also served or managed creative and digital marketing campaigns for agencies including:, Griffin Bacal, National Debt Relief, Premiere Magazine, National Jewler, Neilsen Media, Penthouse Media, and more.  

Project & Product Management and QA

When the “bubble burst”, I transitioned to more technical roles including Quality Assurace Analysis and eventually to Project and Product Management roles for   for tech including:


mark derho

TECH SAVVY NYC Mobile-First Website Design and Digital Marketing Agency

In 2010 I stopped seeking or accepting employment and started my consulting and small business agency TECH SAVVY NYC. 

From then to now I successfully serve other businessess, and in the last 5-years specifically I have earned two executive consulting opportunities for small businesses in which I have been very successful at substantially growing those other businesses. 

The two major successes I refer to are:



Jessa and Mark 50th Birthday

JESSA ANN fought through two lung transplant operations over 4-years.

I’m going to share some personal information here… 


My daughter was in love with a fine young man, and he loved her too. They traveled extensively as was her wish. I am forever grateful to him. She always had many friends and yet was as competitive as I am, maybe more. She just hid it and delivered it so much better. People usually liked her or better, and she lit-up rooms. 

As an empowered head-strong 7-year old, she became a life-long vegetarian because I was teasing her at the dinner table and said “Moo” when she ate her hamburger. That was it for her, “Daddy I don’t want to eat the cow!”

At 16 “Jessica” decided to change her name to “JESSA”, to get rid of the “ic”, and not have a common name. I usually just called her “Bug”, short for “LoveBug”.  

She spent way too much of her short life fighting just to draw a breath, because of transplants and viscous never ceasing infections. 

She never ever gave up, not for one minute.  We talked and talked and she said was as prepared as best she could be 

I miss her so much. After 27-years, she was the only thing there that was holding me to New York City

Now I’m living in San Juan Puerto Rico as Owner-Operator of JESSA LLC.

I’m a Google Webmaster and Partner, and an open-source advocate with a growth hacker mentality and curiosity for and a comittment to emerging tools, technologies and event marketing trends.

mark derho

Thanks again…  

Mark Derho

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