馃殌 Mark Derho Resume 2023 馃捈 Multifaceted Digital Marketer and AI Enthusiast

Mark Derho ABC Channel 7 News
馃殌 Mark Derho Resume 2023 馃捈 Multifaceted Digital Marketer and AI Enthusiast

Mark Derho
Resume 2023

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Mark Derho Cover Letter

Greetings Hiring Manager,

I am writing to express my interest in pursuing full-time employment or consulting opportunities, available either onsite in San Juan, Puerto Rico, or remotely. As a Certified Google Partner with over 25 years of Internet industry experience in New York City, I bring a wealth of knowledge in both corporate and small business website design and digital marketing, backed by a diverse skill set honed in the dynamic tech landscape.

Throughout my 30-year career, I’ve prided myself on being a self-taught and self-motivated digital innovator, consistently staying ahead of the curve by mastering new and emerging technologies. This journey of continuous learning has seen me delve into various sectors, including technology, creative content, and digital marketing, and recently, I’ve focused on leveraging artificial intelligence tools to drive business growth and efficiency.

In the initial 15 years of my professional journey, I served as an employee for various corporations, digital marketing agencies, and Internet startups. This was followed by a decade where I focused on contract services and executive consulting for small businesses.

  • Employment: 1993-2009 NYC, Corporate, Marketing Agencies, Internet Start-Ups
  • Consulting and Contracts: 2010-2018 NYC, (dba) Tech Savvy NYC, and Bike Rent NYC
  • Owner Condado Tourism Center: 2020-2022 San Juan, PR

This eclectic mix of experiences has shaped me into a one-person digital marketing powerhouse, with capabilities ranging from pioneering web design (including work on the first WYSIWYG website) to product management in diverse tech start-ups and support for Fortune 100 corporations.

* In 2023, my focus has been on building websites on a contractual basis, offering retainer services to local small businesses, and dedicating substantial effort towards independently mastering AI-enhanced content and business automation tools. This includes using AI for copywriting, creating visually stunning images and art, generating dynamic video content, and developing custom-trained customer service chatbots integrated with ChatGPT.

As a seasoned digital innovator and AI advocate, I’m looking forward to working with a team and making a significant impact by improving communications with clients and customers, creating compelling content and media, supporting management and accelerated operations, and performing expert digital marketing.

Can we schedule an interview or introductory Zoom meeting?

mark derho career

Mark Derho Work History:

2023: * Local/Remote Contracts and Consulting

2019 – 2022: SMB Owner – Condado Tourism Center, San Juan, PR
As the Owner-Operator of Condado Tourism Center in Puerto Rico, he successfully managed a prominent 1100 sqft. Kayak-Bicycle Rental Storefront, achieving top customer ratings on Google Maps through excellent SEO and service. He founded Bike Rent Puerto Rico and Condado Kayak Rental, both receiving high Google ratings. His commitment to community advocacy involved initiatives like Condado Lagoon area clean-ups.
Note: Operations were ceased due to untenable factors and exponential rent increases.

2015 – 2017: Bike Rent NYC – Executive Consultant
As Executive Consultant for Bike Rent NYC, Mark Derho played a crucial role in securing a $6 million, 6-year RFP contract for bike rentals in Central Park and all Manhattan Parks. Under his leadership, the company expanded from 2 to 20 outlets, becoming NYC’s top bike rental service. He spearheaded the development of high-ranking SEO websites, custom software, and IoT platforms, and managed operations across all NYC Parks concessions. He cultivated essential government and tourism partnerships, served as the company’s public face, and led the development of a POS and an IoT-based time management system. Responsibilities included remodeling the Central Park Kiosks. This 3-year executive consultancy role with Bike Rent NYC started as a website redesign contract, and now stands as Mark’s most significant role and greatest career success!

2010 – 2017: TECH SAVVY NYC – Independent Consulting and Contracting
As the owner-operator since 2010, Mark Derho specialized in offering executive consulting and digital marketing, services to NYC small businesses. Key projects included developing multilingual websites, creating content, and performing digital marketing. Transitioned TECH SAVVY NYC to PR Website Agency after moving to Puerto Rico in 2019.

2008 – 2009: National Debt Relief – Advertising and Marketing Manager
As the Marketing Manager for National Debt Relief, Mark Derho led the industry in SEO and PPC strategies specifically for credit card debt relief. The role required implementing effective trust-building lead-generation strategies, managing significant annual budgets, and creating original content. Additionally, Mark was responsible for websites, copywriting, and product management, contributing to a comprehensive marketing approach.

2007 – 2008: Neilsen Media – Advertising and Marketing Manager
As an Advertising Manager at Neilsen Media, Mark managed Premier and National Jeweler Magazines across online/print platforms; spearheaded integrated advertising and PPC campaigns, nurtured advertiser relationships and direct sales, and brand management.
2005 – 2007: FortuneCity.com Quality Assurance Manager
As the Quality Assurance Manager at FortuneCity.com, Mark was instrumental in manual and automated QA testing, software version control, and software bug-tracking, with expertise in quality assurance, version control, and product management for a start-up.

1994 – 2005: Combined Roles | Corporations and Agencies, Website Designer/Developer
As a pioneering Website Designer and Developer, Mark held four notable positions in New York City, honing expertise in web production and design. These roles collectively underscored his proficiency in blending creativity with technical acumen in various facets of web development and design. At Information Builders, Mark specialized in creating content and media for client websites, and digital and print graphics, and contributed to high-impact advertising campaigns, showcasing skills in web and graphic design. At Griffin-Bacal, he orchestrated digital projects with precision, applying skills in digital marketing, web design, and development. In his role at Forbes Digital Media, he performed web production and design using HTML/ASP, updating web content. Lastly, for Merrill-Lynch, he played a crucial role in enhancing the Fortune 100’s digital presence, transitioning print content to HTML, and modernizing financial communications for clients.

1998 – 2000: CarDay.com – Manager of Site Development, Start-up
As the Manager of Site Development at CarDay.com from August 1998 to February 2000, Mark’s first managerial role in a startup, he supervised 7-10 designers, developers, and analysts, overseeing version control (VC) and quality assurance (QA). He collaborated with the CTO and CEO on strategic vision, documented progress, and managed budgets, demonstrating skills in business development, entrepreneurship, product management, digital strategy, and leadership.

1998: Skin Cancer Association – Webmaster, Non-Profit Organization
At the nonprofit Skin Cancer Association, Mark performed a complete website redesign and effectively supported the foundation’s mission through exceptional creative and technical skills in web design and development, marketing strategy, and product management.

1993 – 1994: Foreman Interactive / Register.com – Website and Graphic Designer
As the first Website and Graphic Designer at Foreman Interactive, Mark was a trailblazer in WYSIWYG web design. By implementing ‘Internet Creator,’ the first commercial WYSIWYG website, Mark demonstrated his pioneering spirit and self-taught web/graphic design skills.

Mark Derho Evolving Toolkit

  • AI Copywriting: Chat GPT-4, Perplexity, Rytr – 

  • AI-enhanced Video Creation and Video Editing: Invideo IO, Suno, Canva

  • AI-enhanced Image and Art Creation: Dall-E, Leonardo AI, Midjourney, Canva

  • SEO and Analytics Tools: Google Ads and Analytics, RankMath, SEMRush, Yoast, Ahrefs 

  • CRM Platforms: VTiger, Salesforce, Insightly

  • Content Marketing Platforms: MailChimp, Constant Contact, HubSpot, Hootsuite

  • Content Management Platform: WordPress.org with any Plugin, and Elementor Pro, +

  • Web-Based Project Collaboration: Google Drive, BaseCamp, Monday, Slack, Discord
Mark Derho ABC Channel 7 News

Mark Derho Helpful Links:

Website: markderho.com/mark-derho-career-overview

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@markderho/videos (90 Videos)

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/markderho (1690 Followers)

PR Website Agency: prwebsiteagency.com (AI Chatbots, SMB Contracts)

mark derhoin Navy

Education and Military Service

1990 – 1993: US Navy Airman, Photographer Mate, USS Saratoga CV-60

1985 – 1987: University of Oregon, Associates Degree, Communications

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