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My Name is Mark Derho

I Grow Small Businesses

Community and Cycling Advocate.

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Mark Derho Intro

Hello, I’m Mark. 

I’m going to speak to you in the first-person throughout this website.

I started building websites in 1993 as the 1st Website Designer for the first website WYSIWYG ever created (Internet Creator). For 15-years I excelled working for major financial brands and Internet agencies and startups. 

I have been part of Google WebMasters since 2009, and a Google Partner since 2011 – when Partners was known as “Google Engage for Agencies”

By 2010 I’d had enough of the “corporate experience” and started a small DMA: TECH SAVVY NYC.

I wanted to independently grow other businesses using the same technical and creative skills, digital tools, and technologies that I had implemented while working for the big New York agencies and major world-wide corporations.

As an independent consultant starting in 2015, I was responsible for leading and winning the largest bike rental RFP/contract ($60M) in the United States in 2017 and securing exclusive rights to Central Park and all Manhattan Parks for 6-years, from 2017-2023. 

I also led-managed-accomplished: 

  • grew annual revenue from $1.5M to $13M in 3-years
  • #1 Google SERP ranking
  • Remodeled two historic kiosks inside Central Park
  • Managed 3 Central Park bike rental facilities/staff/ops
  • Added ten more bike rental stores in Manhattan Parks
  • Sponsored: Tour de Bronx, MS Ride, Epic Ride, Astoria Kids Bike Race, NYC Police Athletic Leauge, etc.

See the BIKE RENT NYC Client Case Study on BLD BTR

I proved that I could grow small businesses online and reinvent them in the physical. I learned to manage a and defend a successful small businesses (BIKE RENT NYC) 

While researching and  planning from New York City in 2018 I also invested into several trips to San Juan for trade shows, and in search of a Condado storefront for the business.

I moved permanently to San Juan, Puerto Rico in June of 2019, and opened my business: Jessa LLC – named after my daughter.

It took several months to secure the 1,100 sq. ft. storefront and in an amazing location in Condado, Metro San Juan.

Jessa and I , my 50th Birthday.

Jessa LLC

JESSA LLC is the “umbrella” for all of my businesses/DBA’s and is a legally registered LLC SMB in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA.  JESSA LLC is singularly-owned, and unencumbered.  

JESSA LLC supports and practicies diversity in purchasing and hiring. 

Mark Derho Supports Red Nose Day

RED NOSE DAY in Central Park, New York City. VP Operations & Marketing, BIKE RENT NYC.

This is the website to keep track of the JESSA LLC businesses (DBA’s), and see what I’m up to in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Thank you for your interest.

I’m about to get animated!

BIKE RENT PUERTO RICO – Introduction by Mark Derho

Mark derho

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