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My Name is Mark Derho

Technology, Marketing & Business POLYMATH.

Community and Cycling Advocate.

Jessa LLC

The business is registered in Puerto Rico. JESSA LLC (dba), a singularly-owned and unencumbered. We support diversity in hiring. 

Welcoming Appointments and Walk-Ins

I’m onsite 7-days a week at 18 Calle Marseilles, in Condado (Metro) San Juan. The 1,100 sqft headquarters is ideally located by La Ventana al Mar Park and Condado Lagoon, just off of Ashford Avenue and near the La Concha Resort. 

Mark Derho Supports Red Nose Day

RED NOSE DAY in Central Park, New York City. VP Operations & Marketing, BIKE RENT NYC.

This is the website to keep track of the JESSA LLC businesses (DBA’s), and see what I’m up to in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Thank you for your interest.

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BIKE RENT PUERTO RICO – Introduction by Mark Derho

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